2016 Hoyt Powermax

- November 8, 2016



2016 Hoyt Power Max

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  • How does this compare to a bowtech carbon dlx?

    Robin . Trellevik - 20 months ago

  • not a bad price

    David Acosta - 21 months ago

  • If the Powermax is 649 and ignite is 499. It seems like I'd be better off buying the ignite and just adding a stabilizer and a few things and I'd save money and have the same bow. Would I notice a huge difference in performance between the pretty basic ignite over the powermax? If so how?
    I noticed the ignite has a whisker biscuit, no stabilizer, no limb savers. And maybe a few other things. (I'm looking for my first bow so I could use as much info as possible) thanks

    Lucky Duck33 - 22 months ago

  • I am in the market for a new bow. I have always been a Hoyt fan. Although now that I am now looking at two bows- the Hoyt Powermax and the Mission Ballistic I am not sure on the value difference. Obviously I am going to need to shoot these to see what fits me best but I was just wonder if one bow is cheaper make than the other. Thank you.

    235brady - 24 months ago

  • Is this a good starter bow for a 14 year old

    Jack Trevino - 24 months ago

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