Beginner Compound Bow Shooting Hoyt XT 2000, Bow C

- November 8, 2016



Bow shooting advice with compound bow and homemade target and stance inquiries

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  • FOLLOW YOUR ARROW. If the arrow hits low then move sight down. If it hits right move all pins to the right. The farther then yardage the farther your left to right will show. Use your level when aiming ALWAYS. Don't over grip or torque the bow. Try to watch the arrow fly into the bull's-eye through the sight, and keep that bow hand up without peeking too early. PRACTICE MAKES PERMINANT.

    Trevor Gomez - 8 months ago

  • also you set up position is lacking

    Morten Jacobsen - 12 months ago

  • your stance is outdated and probably the reason you need that arm guard . try a more open stance like the olymic recurve archers. your anchor is to far back so your torqing the string upon relase pulling your arrows to the side in a combination of griping the bow rather than just pushing it and maintaining a good pressure point, you are grabbing on release even thou you have a sling. and your follow-trough is non existant due to grabbing the bow . neither do you have time to aim so the body can settle down and your punching the trigger and not using rhomoid to execute a back tension release

    Morten Jacobsen - 12 months ago

  • where can i get it? can you give me your email?

    Bo Marco - 19 months ago

  • Also what draw weight was the bow set at for this video

    Dalton Mensik - 21 months ago

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