Beginner Compound Bow Shooting Hoyt XT 2000, Bow C

- November 8, 2016



Bow shooting advice with compound bow and homemade target and stance inquiries

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  • thank you drew I will do just that. I when I get my bow set up again I will post another video on archery.

    Soul less Gamer - 3 days ago

  • Little long on the reply and I know people have said what I'm about to repeat but don't "choke" the bow, don't hold your breath, bend knees slightly so you aren't locking out, and most importantly brother don't "slap" the trigger. It should almost "shock" you when you pull through the trigger. Keep doing bow stuff man you will be impressed 👍

    drew hanlon - 4 days ago

  • great video.just keep at it .

    Daniel Doering - 2 weeks ago

  • FOLLOW YOUR ARROW. If the arrow hits low then move sight down. If it hits right move all pins to the right. The farther then yardage the farther your left to right will show. Use your level when aiming ALWAYS. Don't over grip or torque the bow. Try to watch the arrow fly into the bull's-eye through the sight, and keep that bow hand up without peeking too early. PRACTICE MAKES PERMINANT.

    Trevor Gomez - 10 months ago

  • also you set up position is lacking

    Morten Jacobsen - 14 months ago

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