Beginner Compound Bow Shooting Hoyt XT 2000, Bow C

- November 8, 2016



Bow shooting advice with compound bow and homemade target and stance inquiries

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  • How hard is it to pull back this bow on a rate of 1-10 in comparison to other bows

    Dalton Mensik - 21 months ago

  • Remember to keep your grip on the bow loose also as mentioned before make sure that you are reflecting on the shot keep your bow arm up until you can actually hear the arrow impact. On your release do not punch the trigger on the release aid just squeeze until it goes off.......if you get into the habit of making the shot as soon as the pin lines up you will have inconsistencies........try this "draw the bow with an arrow and hold it on target until you're form starts to break down as soon as the pin starts floating around more than normal let down........ Do not shoot any arrows! , take a breath and draw and do this again" if you do this 10 times a day for a week or two you will notice that you can hold on the X for longer periods without feeling like you need to rush the shot. Hope this helps!

    GHOST-N-GUN gaming and outdoors - 22 months ago

  • Your fallow threw after you shoot is very important , you drop your bow pretty quick after you shoot try counting to 2 or 3 after you shoot I used to have the same problem I wanted to see were my arrow hit before i t did hit just a thought

    Mathew Elstun - 22 months ago

  • stance looks fine. if there is a level on your pin sight make sure to use that to level out your bow. if not it looks like the arrows all hit low right(consistently). adjust your sight just like you would a rifle.

    Kevin Robinson - 24 months ago

  • i dont know where you can get it in Paris

    Soule Less Gamer - 32 months ago

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