Compound Bow Review for Beginners

- November 2, 2016



This video reviews a few beginner level compound bows and gives beginners a few things to keep in mind when deciding which bow to start off with. The first two bows are shot at 30 inch draw and 65 pounds. The last bow was supposed to be at 30 inch but they actually had it set at 31 inch draw. If it had been at 30 inch draw the readings would have been slower. God bless.
here is another video you will like. Fastest compound bows

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  • Anyone know a good bow shop in the Arizona valley?

    orrin clark - 1 month ago

  • $300-$400 to see if your woman might want to take up shooting a bow. You have deep pockets or a crazy fine woman you really want to take up the sport. Thirty to forty dollars here and I'm saving receipt in case she doesn't like. Nah. I love my woman and go a buck fifty. Still keeping receipt.

    Frank Boston - 3 months ago

  • its missing diamond archery SB1

    Nicolas Bolio - 6 months ago

  • my daughter went for the recluse bow.. I got her into archery and she is enjoying it..

    Evilestkhan - 7 months ago

  • hi seam me again mick.. enjoys the vids

    Evilestkhan - 7 months ago

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