Compound Bow Review for Beginners

- November 2, 2016



This video reviews a few beginner level compound bows and gives beginners a few things to keep in mind when deciding which bow to start off with. The first two bows are shot at 30 inch draw and 65 pounds. The last bow was supposed to be at 30 inch but they actually had it set at 31 inch draw. If it had been at 30 inch draw the readings would have been slower. God bless.
here is another video you will like. Fastest compound bows

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  • Hello Mr Sean will you please for a beginner in Tennessee do a review on the Barnett vortex hunter I have heard the the cams squeak but one guy said to use gun oil on them and that will fix the problem so will you do one for us please

    Dan Druff - 23 months ago

  • what would you recamend for an adult just getting started in archery.

    ann-burford freddie saylor - 23 months ago

  • What's your favourite bow?

    IRonikz_ Pro - 25 months ago

  • Great review - only one small question mark :how did you set up the prism to draw 65lbs when Diamond says it goes to 55lbs max ? Leading to the next thought ; this could have been the very first head to head between the Diamond infinite edge pro - bear cruzer  - PSE stinger X anfd the Hoyt you reviewed.

    VUO4E - 26 months ago

  • Hi. Did you say a the draw length and pounds you were shooting?

    Musser's Bows, Boats and Science Channel - 27 months ago

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