How to Avoid Common Shooting Mistakes | Archery Lessons

- November 8, 2016



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Okay, common archery shooting mistakes start when you actually step up to the shooting line, and are preparing to shoot. Your body alignment with the target should be parallel to the target. Your shoulders should be facing the target. So, you’re first initial stance, the way your feet are on the line, they should be parallel with the line.

One you’re in that position, placing the hand in the handle is very important. Remember your hand has to be behind the handle. A common mistake is that people grab it like this, with the thumb actually behind the handle. That is going to put a lot of pressure on your thumb, and then cause you to grab the bow tighter, so that you would kick it or torque the bow when you shoot.

So, get your hand behind the bow. When you place your fingers on the string, only three fingers go on the string. See now, not four fingers like a lot of people do, but only three. And, a good way to do this and remember is to put your thumb and your pinkie together. Your thumb and your pinkie together to grab the bow with just three fingers.

So, that’s another mistake that happens quite often. Once you have your hand and your fingers in place, when you bring the bow up, here’s the big mistake though, a lot of people make. They hyper-extend their elbow into the path of the string. That’s going to cause a lot of pain, and also it’s going to deflect the arrow and make you inaccurate.

So, bend your arm away from the string, therefore keeping the string clear of being deflected. When you pull back into your anchor position, what you want to do is be consistent with your anchor. You’ve got to put your hand or fingers on your face in the same place every time. Very important, because that gives you the consistency. When you come back, if you anchor in the corner of your mouth, make sure that you anchor in the corner of your mouth every time.

Some people anchor under their chin. Under your chin, your fingers should always go under your chin, never diverting from that position. Remember always to keep your elbow higher than your shoulder. A lot of people when they first start shooting have a low elbow, because they use their bicep to pull the string back. Try to pull your string back with your bicep. Notice she can’t do it, because she has proper form, but a lot of people can’t lift their elbow up, until they’ve practiced a lot and built up the muscles in their back in order for them to do that.

Alright, now when you take your shot, what you want to try to avoid is moving the bow. While you release the string, the bow must stay stable, and in the same position. So, let’s try it and take a shot. Come up into your ready position, bend your arm, pull back to your anchor, aim, shoot, and hold in that position. Then come back down to the rest. That was perfect form.

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  • Her bow arm is hyper extended. Notice the inside of the elbow is facing up.

    Lehmann Peters - 1 month ago

  • I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>     I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

    pavilion ako - 1 month ago

  • I hit my arm and it’s bleeding....

    Mackenna Crawford - 5 months ago

  • great technique

    vaibhav basutakar - 6 months ago

  • bored

    Kenneth see - 7 months ago

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