‘How to Shoot a Compound Bow’

- November 8, 2016



In this video, Hunter Education instructor Jim Gilmore demonstrates the basic form for shooting a compound bow. Although shooting styles may vary among archers, following these basic fundamentals will ensure consistency and accuracy in your shooting. For more information on bowhunting, purchase a copy of the 2012 Colorado Outdoors Hunting Guide. This issue features

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  • missing the most important part,how to look through, bravo

    backpackcrpt - 6 months ago

  • I've been doing it wrong! I need to wear camo to shoot targets!

    chrisn365 - 11 months ago

  • Great video, but i wouldn't suggest opening your fingers when holding the grip, my friend did this last year and gashed his index finger with a broad head. I would suggest to rest your fingers lightly on the grip

    Spankey - 12 months ago

  • great video but all I see is a floating bow and some bushes

    David Mcarthur - 20 months ago

  • informative but a huge mistake in form the anchor point behind the ear is great but the cheek lifting with the string is a major faux pas

    Sean Nelson - 20 months ago

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