Hoyt 2017 Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant Series

- November 8, 2016



An in-depth look at the all-new 2017 Hoyt #ProDefiant and the #CarbonDefiant Series bows. 86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in our most advanced bows to date. Period. You’re a bowhunter. You’re Defiant by nature. So are we. #GETINTHEHUNT #IAMDEFIANT #GetSeriousGetHoyt #HoytLaunch2017

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  • Aside from new colors/ texture it seems the Hoyt Pro Defiants have been unchanged from last years Defiants. I have a Defiant 34 coming in the mail today and I saw a picture of it and it pooks the same as the new pro defiant 34s.

    Martin Curtis - 7 months ago

  • Anyone know when they are going to announce the 2018 lineup?

    Reaper - 12 months ago

  • I was checking out carbon Defient 34 at a pro shop the owner handed me a few claiming they were 60 to 70lb bows I tryed 3 times to pull it back it wouldn't dump back I was afraid to break it or something was wrong with it they say there not a hot seller they even had a old carbon element below cost they cant get rid of im trying to find a bow thats got lighter mass weight and smooth but was handed a PSE Evolve 31 and 35 very impressive bow over my Mathews

    Raymond jones - 12 months ago

  • Got mine. I love it! I can't wait to go hunting with it. I just got permission to hunt a forest preserve by my house too! And we are encouraged to shoot multiple does. 2 get you another draw in the lottery. 5 guarantees you a spot next year. I'm going to need a bigger freezer! Do you guys make carbon handles for the Pro Defiant? Might be able to get some of that warm hand feel in an aluminum bow.

    stizan24 - 13 months ago

  • A lot of companies build bows, very few can compete with how bad ass Hoyt's look, even the recurve bows they build look like they should be in a gallery. I want one, then I want another, I want them all flat black, quite and fast, if it isn't a Hoyt, it isn't bad ass..

    Koch 40 - 15 months ago

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