Hoyt 2017 Pro Defiant and Carbon Defiant Series

- November 8, 2016



An in-depth look at the all-new 2017 Hoyt #ProDefiant and the #CarbonDefiant Series bows. 86 years of cutting-edge engineering has culminated in our most advanced bows to date. Period. You’re a bowhunter. You’re Defiant by nature. So are we. #GETINTHEHUNT #IAMDEFIANT #GetSeriousGetHoyt #HoytLaunch2017

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  • the Hoyt pro defiant 30.5 is so easy to pull back it's ridiculous. to bad I can't put those cams on my Hoyt vector.

    Bass Man - 16 months ago

  • picked up the new carbon defiant and thus far love shooting it.

    Old River Outdoors - 16 months ago

  • beautiful weapon, Can't wait to compare this weapon to the evolve or carbon air 34.
    funny how all manufacturers claim to have the strongest risers

    Len Johnson - 17 months ago

  • Just picked up my blacked out pro defiant from GODWINS archery in Raeford NC, I LOVE IT!!!!! I wanted to see how much would it be to get the limbs in the ridge reaper color for my blacked out pro defiant be? PLEASE keep up the awsum job hoyt.

    MGL - 18 months ago

  • i'd have one if they didn't make the carbon risers in china

    Brad Z - 18 months ago

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