Hoyt Ignite

- November 8, 2016



New from Hoyt for 2014, the versatile, lightweight, hard hitting IGNITE! Easily adjustable with a broad range of draw length and draw weight, the Ignite is an easy to draw, easy to aim bow that is perfect for the beginning archer and offers performance that would suit the demands of the most experienced bowhunter, all at an MSRP of just $399! Visit your local Hoyt dealer and test drive the IGNITE! Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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  • can get the add one at the Hoyt store

    Christopher Wilson - 9 months ago

  • I think that the greatest mystery surrounding this bow is the question of why it's referred to as a "junior" or "beginner's" bow. At age 50, I purchased my Ignite a little over a month ago and am very convinced that I chose well. It's incredibly accurate and one heck of a smooth shot. Nothing about this bow suggests to me that it's a kid's bow. While it's versatility may perhaps lend itself to the beginning archer, the Ignite is clearly no toy.

    Richard Egan - 16 months ago

  • yea this bow has a good range of 15-70 lbs so like any one can pole it back

    Hacker 202 - 18 months ago

  • Nice bow! Can I start with this bow? Btw im 12 years old

    Helena Bakula - 19 months ago

  • is it okay if i use this bow for tournament / competition ?

    ricko prakoso - 19 months ago

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