Single-Pin Vs. Multi-Pin Bowsights

- November 8, 2016



Should you use a single- or multi-pin sight on your bowhunting rig? Tony Peterson helps you answer that question.

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  • I am 13 Sears old and I am Shooting a Hoyt klash with 25lbs
    I want top have single Pin sight but how can the sight know how many lbs i have i mean when iam Shooting with 25 lbs the Arrow flys Not so straight as you shoot with 45
    How can the sight know how many lbs you have

    Sorry iam drin Austria and my Englisch ist very bad

    Happy Squid - 2 months ago

  • Been using a hha optimizer this year (Iowa whitetail / turkey) and am switching back to multi. Animals move back and forth. I’m a full draw and then the doe moves away. Suddenly I’m compensating and then second guessing myself. My other hunting rig has a react 5pin. Same situation. But no panic. My buck this year (11pt) was at 30 when I drew. Then he walked straight at me to 18yds when he turned and gave me a broadside.

    nathan may - 4 months ago

  • What single pin sight were you using in this video?

    Devin Nabozny - 5 months ago

  • What single pin were you using in this video?

    Joshua Beanblossom - 8 months ago

  • Great video thnx. You just cost me 249$

    Todd Beissel - 8 months ago

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