Single-Pin Vs. Multi-Pin Bowsights

- November 8, 2016



Should you use a single- or multi-pin sight on your bowhunting rig? Tony Peterson helps you answer that question.

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Comments (39)

  • I'm gonna go with multi pin, because I've never had trouble estimating the distance between pins. but I'll also shoot my bow instinctively. I shoot with my fingers, because a release just doesn't feel right.

    Nikolai Kravchenko - 14 months ago

  • You made this video with the tree stand eastern hunters in mind. There are a lot of western hunters on YouTube also and we usually spot and stalk. Only real way to do it when you're hunting elk. I don't like having to keep adjusting my sight for an elk that keeps walking.

    James Franco - 14 months ago

  • looking for a good sight video,then the stupid music ruined it.turned it off.

    Dan Van Hoose - 14 months ago

  • what sight do you use

    Dawson Davis - 15 months ago

  • The Truth B: be more specific, like how?Deciding to pick a pin before you draw is a " mind set"/decision,not a process.And you are less likely to be sitting there with your bow drawn and the deer moving around.Your answer is vague and doesn't really answer the question i posed, but to each his own.

    Mark Mitchell - 15 months ago

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