Single-Pin Vs. Multi-Pin Bowsights

- November 8, 2016



Should you use a single- or multi-pin sight on your bowhunting rig? Tony Peterson helps you answer that question.

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Comments (39)

  • You made this video with the tree stand eastern hunters in mind. There are a lot of western hunters on YouTube also and we usually spot and stalk. Only real way to do it when you're hunting elk. I don't like having to keep adjusting my sight for an elk that keeps walking.

    James Franco - 15 months ago

  • looking for a good sight video,then the stupid music ruined it.turned it off.

    Dan Van Hoose - 15 months ago

  • what sight do you use

    Dawson Davis - 16 months ago

  • The Truth B: be more specific, like how?Deciding to pick a pin before you draw is a " mind set"/decision,not a process.And you are less likely to be sitting there with your bow drawn and the deer moving around.Your answer is vague and doesn't really answer the question i posed, but to each his own.

    Mark Mitchell - 16 months ago

  • i see the pros and cons of both, I have shot both and in my opinion i like a 3 pin fixed sight for whitetail for the simple fact during the rut bucks are moving they are chasing fighting and covering a lot of ground i don't want to have to keep moving the pin, also I range find trees markers stumps anything that stands out BEFORE a deer even comes close enough to shoot so if i range find a stump at 30 i know if that deer walks within that stump I'm using my 20yd pin if he walks outside the stump i know to use my 30 and so on. The reality is use what you are comfortable with shoot you equipment often so when any situation comes into play you will know what to do to make the adjustment.

    Danny Amos - 17 months ago

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