The Best Way to Sight in Your Bow

- November 8, 2016



Are you confident in your shot? Really, truly confident? If you’re questioning yourself even a little bit, here’s a faster, easier, and more accurate way to sight in your bow.

Rather than trying to hover over the top of an “X” on an archery target, use a vertical and horizontal line to hone in your bow sight quickly and effectively. By aiming at lines rather than a bull’s-eye you focus on one axis at a time and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to drive tacks with your bow and arrow.

Follow the 7 easy steps here:


Watch the video!

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Comments (50)

  • Good job, this method could be shared with beginners and even experienced stubborn guys like myself. Thanks for the post.

    kledog - 4 days ago

  • Nah it was the arrow

    Africanjew 15 - 4 days ago

  • Is this not walk back tuning?

    Brent Martin - 1 week ago

  • I also have those bloodsport arrows and really like them.

    KoiBoi 1113 - 2 weeks ago

  • I have a question. Are you supposed to align the BROADHEADS with the FLETCHINGS of the arrow?

    Andrew Wolfle the Catfish Master - 2 weeks ago

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