The Best Way to Sight in Your Bow

- November 8, 2016



Are you confident in your shot? Really, truly confident? If you’re questioning yourself even a little bit, here’s a faster, easier, and more accurate way to sight in your bow.

Rather than trying to hover over the top of an “X” on an archery target, use a vertical and horizontal line to hone in your bow sight quickly and effectively. By aiming at lines rather than a bull’s-eye you focus on one axis at a time and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to drive tacks with your bow and arrow.

Follow the 7 easy steps here:


Watch the video!

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Comments (50)

  • Excellent

    Bob Cousineau - 6 days ago

  • Truly the best and most patient video explaining how to sight in my bow thank you. I'm new to archery and just picked up the axcel vision pro with dovetail trying to figure it out. Thanks again man.

    psychoticguns - 1 week ago

  • what f you hav 3 pins?

    kookaburashasvisited - 2 weeks ago

  • Thanks for the video - I'd never have thought of using tape; that's a great idea! I'm assuming that you used a level to get the tapes plumb and level (which I will).

    Bill Kossmann - 2 weeks ago

  • Pro video and instruction, Thanks

    whitecaps775 - 3 weeks ago

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